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Owned by Stacey Bare
~~~ CH Caramac's Norma Rae ~~~

Rest in Peace, Norma

June 18, 1994 - June 4, 2017

~~~ Remastered ~~~
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Pleasure/Park Divisions
Owned by Jackie Hawkes
~~~ NoBu ~~~

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Hackney Pony Division

~~~ Reedann's Liberace ~~~

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Hackney Pleasure Driving Division

Shown by Emily Mielke
~~~ Mr. Hayworth ~~~
Owned by Jill O'Hara
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Five Gaited Junior Exhibitor division
~~~ Simply Awesome ~~~
Proudly owned by Emily Mielke.
Thank you, Beth Jones
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Hackney Road Pony division

Owned by Kelley Norris
~~~ RIP, New York Flash ~~~
April 25, 2008- January 17, 2018

Forever loved and always grateful you were part of my life. I’m so lucky you found your way to me. We definitely had a good ride. You had the biggest, goofiest, tongue sucking, licking personality!! You gave your heart every time we entered the ring and we had a special bond both in and out of the ring. Thank you for taking me so many places, especially The Last Mile. I wouldn’t trade our time together for anything!!

After two colic surgeries and almost three weeks in the hospital, it was time to let you go. At the end, you were surrounded by people who loved you with three candy canes in your unruly stomach. You will be forever missed and loved!!

*** Special thanks to his care team at OSU!! You couldn’t have treated him any better if he was your own!! I’ll never forget your kindness and compassion for both of us!!

Owned by Diana Pistora
~~~ Doubletree's Scarlet Design ~~~
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3 Gaited Park Division
Owned by Nichole Sedivec
~~~ Kalarama's Boudica ~~~

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Amateur Park Division

Owned by Matt Shiflet
~~~ Mrs. Katie Mae ~~~

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Five Gaited Division

Owned by Mary Strang
~~~ I Declare ~~~

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Fine Harness Division

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